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Which home remedies help with heartburn?


A glass of wine too much, a stressful day or too rich food: There are many possible causes of heartburn. For those affected is then important how they can relieve the painful burning as quickly and reliably. In addition to medicines, home remedies for heartburn can also be used. What remedies for heartburn can help and why soda as a home remedy is now controversial, learn here.

Soda: classic home remedy for heartburn

A home remedy for heartburn? Many people probably think of the good old soda first, more precisely: sodium bicarbonate . Already little of it should neutralize the stomach acid and counteract the heartburn in this way. The application is very simple: dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda in a large glass of still water. Then drink the liquid slowly and in small sips.


However, soda should not be used too often as a home remedy for heartburn. This is mainly because the body utilizes excess soda and does not simply excrete it again. There is therefore the risk of overdose, which can disrupt the pH of the body. This often results in stomach pain or diarrhea . The soda dissolves in the water and forms carbon dioxide. It is a gas that can lead to increased regurgitation in the stomach – similar to a glass of mineral water with carbon dioxide. The eructation may cause gastric acid to enter the esophagus

Chewing gum as a remedy for heartburn – no joke

A rather unusual home remedy for heartburn is chewing gum, which stimulates the production of saliva . The saliva is slightly basic and can neutralize small amounts of gastric acid in the esophagus. In addition, saliva dilutes the acid present and takes it back to the stomach when swallowed.

Dilute the stomach acid with water

Heartburn occurs when acidic gastric contents enter the esophagus and attack the delicate mucous membrane. Therefore, in some cases, it brings relief to drinking and thus bringing the acid back to the stomach. It also dilutes excess stomach acid.

Suitable for this heartburn home remedy is a glass of lukewarm, still water or low-acid teasuch as chamomile tea. Black tea is only partially suitable because the caffeine it contains can weaken the muscle between the stomach and the esophagus.

Relieve nighttime heartburn with home remedies

At night, heartburn is often particularly annoying because it prevents those affected from falling asleep. In addition, the burning of many at night is more painful than during the day – possibly because of the lack of distraction that is usually present during the day. However, proven home remedies such as gum chewing are not very practical in this situation, because they also prevent the restful night sleep.

A good tip against heartburn at night is therefore: Lie down so that the stomach is lower down than the esophagus . Because then the acidic stomach contents harder to get up into the esophagus. It is often enough to use a few extra pillows or, if possible, to raise the slatted frame so that the upper body is raised .

Heartburn? Prevention is the best home remedy

As with so many things, so does heartburn: prevention is better than aftercare. With a few tips, you can reduce the risk of painful burning in the esophagus.

This includes:

  • to eat several small portions distributedthroughout the day instead of large quantities at once.
  • do not wear tight clothes. This presses on the stomach and sometimes leads to gastric acid.
  • to abstain as much as possible from stimulantssuch as coffee, alcohol or cigarettes. They can cause heartburn or aggravate the symptoms.

In many cases, changing diets also reduces the frequency of heartburn. Because especially sweet or fatty foods are considered typical triggers. Learn more about how to prevent heartburn .

Herbal remedies for heartburn: an overview

If you do not want to treat your heartburn with medicines immediately, there is a wide selection of herbal remedies for heartburn available. The medicinal plants can on the one hand calm the stomach and on the other hand reduce the production of stomach acid. What resources you should try, learn here.

Using natural remedies for heartburn

Heartburn, often associated with gastric pressure, stomach pain, or acid regurgitation, has two main causes:

  • The stomach produces too much stomach acid, which rises to the esophagus and causes irritation there.
  • The stomach entrance, called the doorman, does not close as tight as it should. It becomes permeable so that the acidic contents of the stomach can slosh back into the esophagus.

For many, for example, it’s a hearty meal that causes heartburn. Others, however, have regular heartburn, for example due to unhealthy diet, obesity or pregnancy . In order to get a lasting grip on the heartburn, a change in diet is helpful, as well as decreasing.

For acute complaints , however, fast help is needed. There are various medicinal plantsthat are offered in the form of teas, drops or solutions in the pharmacy. Medicinal plants have often proven themselves for hundreds of years and can have an amazing effect 

Many modes of action have been studied by scientists and are recognized. However, the exact effect of the individual medicinal plants is very different: they can solve cramps, reduce stomach pressure, inhibit the production of gastric acid and stimulate digestion . Symptoms such as heartburn and other acid-related stomach problems can improve quickly. Good reasons to try it with herbal remedies for heartburn.

The best herbal remedies for heartburn

With the following herbal remedies for heartburn many people have been able to relieve their symptoms. Pay particular attention to the purchase of dried plants and finished teas on a high quality ! The teas in the supermarket often contain low concentrations of medicinal plants below average quality. In the pharmacy, on the other hand, you get teas in drug quality , as well as drops or solutions.


Chamomile is considered the medicinal plant par excellence when it comes to stomach and intestinal complaints. It has a calming effect on the gastrointestinal musculature and can regulatethe acid production of the stomach . The anti-inflammatory effect of chamomile benefits the irritated mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines. Chamomile tea is available in the best quality in the pharmacy. In addition to tea, you can also dodge camomile drops, but these contain alcohol.


Licorice root is the starting material for a well-known sweet: licorice. In addition to sweetness, the root also contains substances that have a healing effect on digestion. So licorice root is especially known to solve cramps and counteract too much acid . You can take the root as a tea or chewable tablet. There are also herbal drops that contain licorice root.

angelica root

The angelica is also known as angelica and is known for its relaxing and calming effect on the digestive tract. You can regulate the stomach acid and is therefore a valuable herbal remedy display for heartburn. Angelica root can be consumed as tea or tincture two to three times a day.

Bitter loop flower

The Bitter Flower of the Ring is an extraordinary medicinal plant, as it helps just as it is needed : It can be stimulating on the stomach muscles, which improves the feeling of pressure and fullness. On the other hand, it also has relaxing properties on a cramped muscles. Bitterness is available as a solution.


Marshmallow root contains mucilage that can protect and soothe the gastric mucosa . You can take it as tea or syrup. Since the mucus is sensitive to heat, a tea may only be used with cold water . For this, place small pieces of the root in cold water and let them stir for three hours with occasional stirring. Then strain and drink slightly warmed up.


Lovage is very popular in the kitchen because of its spicy taste – the plant is also known as Maggikraut. Even a tea made of lovage tastes spicy. The roots of the plant are used for this purpose . They are supposed to support digestion. For tea, pour two teaspoons of chopped root with 250 milliliters of cold water. Then bring the broth to a boil and strain immediately. Now the tea can be drunk in small sips.


Meadowsweet is considered an extremely valuable herb. An infusion of meadowsweet can counteract hyperacidity and relieve inflammation. For the infusion, pour the water over the cabbage. After ten minutes, you can strain it and drink the tea.

Attention : meadowsweet naturally contains the substance salicylic acid. It is used in slightly modified form for the painkiller aspirin. The ingredient is therefore not suitable for consumption during pregnancy, lactation, asthma or other hypersensitivity.


The ginger root is becoming increasingly popular: it is now available fresh in almost every supermarket. On the one hand ginger is used for seasoning food, on the other hand it is known as a cure for stomach problems. The soothing and anti-inflammatory effects of ginger, you can try to treat heartburn: To do this, enter a few slices of peeled fresh ginger in a cup and pour it with boiling water. After five minutes of brewing, the tea is ready to drink. The tea works best when taken half an hour before meals .


Caraway is a plant that is used both in the kitchen as a spice and as a medicinal plant. The effect of the caraway on the digestion has long been known: caraway fruits relieve bloating, have a relaxing effectand support digestion. Caraway fruits are especially recommended in the form of tea.


Artichokes are available as an extract in herbal medicines. Above all else known as noble vegetables, artichokes can do much more: they stimulate digestion and support bile and liver at work. In artichoke vegetables, however, the valuable ingredients are barely contained. The reason: For consumption, the fresh artichoke is boiled in salted water for at least 30 minutes. Therefore, you should rather resort to tablets or capsules.

Tip: tea blends against heartburn

You can use the power of various medicinal plants to combat your heartburn. There are some proven tea blends that contain several medicinal plants. These support each other in their effect:

  • The tea mixture of chamomile, mallow and marshmallow can calm an irritated stomach.
  • Fennel anise caraway tea is also known for its beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal tract and extremely popular – even during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Chamomile fennel licorice root tea is a recommended herbal remedy for heartburn.

Drink three to five cups of tea throughout the day, preferably warm and in small sips.

Note : If your symptoms persist or even get worse, you should consult a doctor. He will be able to get to the bottom of the matter through special investigations into the cause of the heartburn and give you specific tips for treatment .

Be careful with peppermint tea

Peppermint is one of the best known medicinal plants. It provides relief for gastrointestinal complaints such as nausea and flatulence. In heartburn, however, the effect may have the opposite effect, as peppermint leads to the relaxation of the Magenpförtners. The result: The muscle becomes permeable and chyme can get back into the esophagus.

Thus, the heartburn is so rather reinforced than mitigated . Ultimately, the effect varies from person to person. You can try out how peppermint tea works for you or choose one of the many other options listed below to alleviate your discomfort.


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