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Heartburn? These emergency measures can help


“It burns like fire” is the appropriate description of how heartburn becomes noticeable. Burning pains that spread from the pit of the stomach and behind the sternum to the throat or throat are a common folk condition. The sensation of a fire roller arises because gastric acid rises into the oesophagus. If the gastric juice reaches the mouth, acid reflux is added.

Heartburn usually occurs because those affected eat too much, too fat, too heavy or too late. To digest a sumptuous meal requires a lot of stomach acid. The same applies to cold and too hot food and drinks and spicy dishes that irritate the stomach and increase acid production. Even coffee, alcohol and too much nicotine can cause heartburn. The reasons to know is one thing, but if the heartburn has used Immediate relief is necessary.

The following tips can provide the first relief:

1. Drink to soothe the burning mucous membrane

A large glass of still mineral water or a cup of herbal tea. Medicinal herbs such as chamomile, marshmallow and liquorice root are among the proven home remedies for heartburn. Camomile calms and relaxes the stomach and has anti-inflammatory effects in the esophagus. Tea infusions with marshmallow root remove the irritation in the esophagus due to contained mucilage. The licorice is most familiar to us as liquorice, the root also shows anticonvulsant and anti-inflammatory effects. As a tea or tincture, it unfolds its healing properties.

2. Chewing gum also helps

Because the salivation is stimulated, the gastric acid ascended in the esophagus thins better. The more saliva is present, the less acidic the mucous membrane is.

3. Loosen tight clothing

Heartburn does not just cause pain. At the same time, convulsions and tightness can occur. Therefore, it helps for the personal feeling to both the waistband and the collar to expand and to get away with it.

4. Straighten the upper body

An upright posture and in bed while sleeping up the head part, so that the gastric acid can not flow back into the esophagus.

5. Brown algae are proven first responders

If heartburn occurs only occasionally, acid binders and acid blockers for self-treatment quickly achieve no complaints. Within a few minutes, herbal medicine products from brown algae in the stomach bind hydrochloric acid. These so-called alginates form a viscous foam, which lays on the acidic contents of the stomach and thus prevents the reflux of food components into the esophagus. Heartburn is banned in a simple physical way.

SOS Heartburn Blocker with Brown Algae Extract works immediately

The alginate cushion as a physical barrier between the stomach contents and the esophagus does not affect the natural processes in the stomach and causes no indigestion. It is harmless and is excreted unchanged by the body. In the drugstore and supermarket, the SOS heartburn blocker DUAL is available as a sugar-free chewable tablet with a pleasant cooling peppermint flavor or the liquid and high-dose SOS heartburn blocker FORTE .

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